Will the Bad Bunny sports agency move into the soccer space

The Bad Bunny sports agency is a real thing. According to Jon Heyman of the New York Post, Bad Bunny, together with executive Jonathan Miranda and CEO Noah Assad of Rimas Entertainment, has established the firm Rimas Sports. Rimas Sports is a division of the agency that represents him, Rimas.

Currently Rimas Sports is focused on baseball through William Arroyo, an MLB agent, and he has helped Rivas sign a few players with major-league experience. Iván Rodrguez, an MLB Hall of Famer, will represent the organization as an ambassador.

Bad Bunny is known to participate in various sporting events when he isn’t releasing new music. He participated in the MLB All-Star celebrity softball game in 2022, the NBA All-Star celebrity game in 2020, and numerous WWE appearances, even taking home a victory at Wrestlemania. Although none of it ensures the success of Bad Bunny’s new agency, it is apparent that he is passionate about sports.

The Bad Bunny sports agency and the MLS

Bad Bunny joins Jay-Z as one of the few musicians to dabble in the sports industry with the creation of his agency. Since its founding by Jay-Z in 2013, Roc Nation Sports has signed some of the biggest names in sports, including WNBA standout Skylar Diggins-Smith and New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley.

Players in the MLS, however, have only recently been able to control their own licensing rights. This gives agencies like Rimas Sports and Roc Nation a chance to enter into the soccer landscape of the US. This is very important for the players financial security. Unlike the NFL, NBA, or NHL, the MLS is not the premier league in the world for the sport. Compared to other men’s team sports professional leagues in North America, the MLS pays its players far less.

The previous arrangement between the MLSPA and the MLS severely limited what players were able to do with their individual licensing. Similar to a 360 music contract given out by record labels to artists, the players and the league had a league controlled licensing agreement for the first 15 years of the MLSPA. All of those rights were regained by the MLSPA in 2021, and as a result, they have been significantly more successful in generating new money than they were under MLS management.

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