Will the Bantr App from Ted Lasso mean crossover users for Bumble?

The Bantr App seemed like an interesting concept for single fans of Ted Lasso. Season two of the show includes a mention to the fictional dating app Bantr and the app had a big role in a secondary story plot. In essence, Bantr requires users to communicate without viewing any of the other person’s images. So in order to make Bantr a reality, Ted Lasso and the dating app Bumble are working together to bring Bantr to life.

Through the end of the year, Bantr will be available as a game on Bumble every Thursday night. The ‘players’ will connect with another user at random rather than swiping left or right. Based on their preferences for gender, location, and age, these participants will be paired up. No user will be able to see the profile or image of another user.

Players will only be able to see their name. The ‘game’ will last for three minutes and will ask both participants if they want to continue speaking after the three minutes are over. If both agree, users can then view a thumbnail image of the other individual. Additionally, players have the option of continuing to the following game.

Rox and Ken discuss discuss the marketing and data collection aspects of this idea and recall the early days of chatting online.

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