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In the last 20 years or so, the atmosphere at professional (and even amateur) soccer matches in the United States has improved dramatically. The sport now has a strong dedicated infrastructure, with modern soccer venues in all three professional divisions. In many cases, these venues have been built in more desirable areas of their communities, with amenities such as bars, restaurants, and parks within walking distance.

The sights and sounds inside stadiums have also changed, with organized supporters groups exploding onto the scene since the turn of the century, bringing the kind of 90-minute energy seen around the world here to the United States, making for an experience unlike any other sport here.

So, which team does it best? Who has the best soccer atmosphere in the United States? It’s definitely a subjective thing, and picking one club over the other is bound to cause some controversy. Rox and Ken discuss who has some good atmospheres in the United States.

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