FIFA+ Collect launching soon

FIFA is pleased to announce the launch of “FIFA+ Collect,” which will be available on FIFA+ later this month and give football fans around the world the opportunity to affordably own one-of-a-kind digital collectibles, including the most memorable game moments and FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women’s World Cup artwork and imagery.

FIFA+ also offers access to live football matches from all around the globe as well as interactive games, news, tournament details, and unrivaled Original content that tells the story of the men’s and women’s game on a truly global scale. FIFA+ Collect will present a number of initial collections as well as information on new exclusive and limited-edition collections that will be made available soon.

FIFA+ Collect will be accessible at launch on all web-enabled and mobile platforms, and it will initially be offered in three language editions (English, French, and Spanish), with plans to add more languages in the future. Algorand, the FIFA-approved blockchain platform and the platform of choice for more than 2,000 international organizations, nations, and digital-native decentralized finance apps, powers FIFA+ Collect. It is a cheap, carbon-neutral blockchain that can be used with a variety of currencies and payment options.

Rox and Ken discuss what this means for the media world, the gaming world, and what are some comparisons that already exist.

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