Gigi Buffon creates Rolex Datejust with one hand

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Gigi Buffon’s Rolex project is as outlandish as any of Artisans de Genève’s previous endeavors. But, of course, “good crazy.” In this case, it transforms a Rolex Datejust into a skeletonized, single-handed watch.

Meistersinger is perhaps one of the most well-known brands to use single-handed watches to display the time, but the similarities end there. The craftsmanship on display for The Gigi Buffon Challenge is out of this world.

Gigi Buffon, the project’s namesake, is best known for his heroics with Juventus and the Italian national team. He is still playing at a high level at the age of 44, captaining his boyhood club, Parma, in Serie B, Italy’s second division.

Buffon is one of the most decorated players in Italian football history. With 10 Serie A titles and 13 domestic cups with Juventus and Parma, the goalkeeper’s only omission at club level has been the UEFA Champions League, where he has been a runner-up three times.

Gigi Buffon has made 176 appearances for his country in his 21-year career, with his most recent appearance coming in 2018. His breakthrough came in 2006, when Italy won the World Cup in Germany. After a 1-1 tie in extra time, Italy defeated France 5-3 on penalties.

Why would Gigi Buffon, an athlete accustomed to the fast-paced nature of football, request a single-handed watch. Gigi wanted his watch to represent his solitude, going beyond the timepiece to express the uniqueness that defines him as an individual. As a result, the single hand was the obvious choice.

Time never stops. Sometimes we would like it to go by faster; other times, we would like it to stand still and capture it. It follows its course, always in the same direction. It’s also said that time naturally takes care of things; it’s true. My watch is like me, as I imagined it: unique, recognizable, and solitary… It’s me. What I like most about this watch finds its meaning when I tell the story.”

Rox and Ken discuss how much they like rolexs and how nice of a what this is.

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