New Kings League team in Brazil to be led by Neymar

Gerard Piqué, a former FC Barcelona player, recently made headlines for a different reason than for playing the lead role in Shakira’s trash song. He is now known for selling out his previous club’s illustrious stadium, Camp Nou, for his Twitch-focused soccer league, and that was before he started pulling his major antics.

The tournament’s Final Four matchup, the largest in-person event ever hosted by a Twitch streamer, culminated with multiple shocking revelations that stunned fans and compelled them to keep watching the show in the true style. The biggest shock came from something Piqué had been hinting at for days: Neymar, a former teammate of his who is now playing for Paris Saint-Germain F.C., was joining the Kings League.

Neymar’s Kings League Announcement

Neymar announced that he would rule over his own team in a funny video, saying, “There’s only ever been one king, and he was Brazilian.” Brazil, one of the prospective markets mentioned by CEO Oriol Querol in an interview with Gizmodo in February, will soon host a tournament, Piqué announced in the video. Neither Piqué, Neymar, nor Querol provided dates for the matches in Brazil, so it’s unknown when they’ll be played.

The Queens League, a women’s indoor soccer league, will begin play in May, respectively. The Queens League will include 12 teams led by well-known streamers and other notable figures from the Spanish-speaking community, such as Gemita, Mayichi, and Morena Beltrán.

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