Kit Delays for Premier League teams

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According to the BBC, roughly 44 of the 92 Premier League and EFL clubs have both their home and away shirts available for purchase just a few days before the 22-23 season, with supply chain issues in Asia being the main cause. Some clubs will most likely begin the season before their new shirts are available for purchase.

Although larger clubs tend to sell more shirts, smaller clubs may bear the brunt of the financial consequences of these kit delays. Elite clubs typically receive a fixed fee from the kit manufacturer as well as a 7% commission on each unit sold.

As we’ve seen with various boot delays over the last few years, COVID plays a significant role, with factory closures in Asia and other pandemic-related difficulties accounting for the majority of delays. Slowed production as a result of restrictions, as well as a lack of container ships and port disruption, have all contributed to the backlog.

The kits will eventually arrive at their destinations, and fans will be able to obtain them, even if it is later than expected. However, one possible outcome could be a decrease in the number of kit sales for these clubs as a result of the shortened window for fans to purchase them.

Rox and Ken discuss kit delays and what it means for the fashion minded fan going into the season.

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