Lionel Messi finds a loophole to join the Argentina team at FIFA ‘The Best’

Lionel Messi, the world-renowned Argentine superstar, has once again grabbed the headlines as he finds himself nominated for the prestigious FIFA ‘The Best’ award. The award recognizes the top achievers in the world of football, considering their performances on both domestic and international stages. However, ironically, Messi has been excluded from the Argentina national team. Despite this setback, the shrewd player has come up with a clever plan to sit side by side with his international teammates during the ceremony.

Clever Loophole: Sitting with Teammates at FIFA ‘The Best’

Messi, known for his extraordinary skills on the field, displayed his brilliance off the field as well. Despite not being an active member of the Argentina national team, the Argentine legend found an ingenious loophole that allows him to sit together with his fellow teammates attending the FIFA ‘The Best’ event. According to an article by Essentially Sports, Messi ensured that he would not miss the chance to sit amongst his comrades and enjoy the evening together. By coordinating with his close friends and teammates, he made arrangements to secure seats next to his Argentina compatriots by being an ‘assistant coach’. Through this clever move, Messi has demonstrated his unwavering support for his national team, even if he cannot participate actively at present.

This clever maneuver showcases Messi’s devotion to his fellow players and highlights the camaraderie among the Argentina squad. Despite not being able to represent his nation on the pitch currently, Messi’s presence and support at FIFA ‘The Best’ will undoubtedly boost the morale of his compatriots. Messi’s commitment to being an integral part of the Argentina setup remains unwavering, despite his temporary exclusion. While his absence from the national team has raised eyebrows and sparked discussions, his clever loophole to sit with his teammates at FIFA ‘The Best’ is a testament to his dedication and unity with the squad.

Lionel Messi’s nomination for FIFA ‘The Best’ award has not deterred him from staying connected with his Argentine teammates. The shrewd forward has cleverly found a loophole to secure seats beside his compatriots at the prestigious event. This move demonstrates Messi’s undying support for his national team and his unwavering commitment to the bond shared amongst the Argentina squad.

Lionel Messi finds a loophole to join the Argentina team at FIFA 'The Best'