Mexican National team draws bigger crowds than both the USMNT and the USWNT in the USA

Ironically, Mexico is the US team when it comes to soccer. However, this isn’t exactly breaking news. Mexico has historically outnumbered both US national teams in terms of attendance at US games. Nothing changed from the previous year.

El Tri had a total of 394,449 spectators throughout the course of seven games in the US in 2022, or an average of 56,350 spectators per game. They averaged 44,213 over 15 games in 2021, a 28% increase. It is a tiny decrease from the World Cup year prior, though. They had six games in the US in 2018, averaging 59,678 spectators per game, therefore 2022 will see a 6% decline.

The large crowds that the Mexican national team attracts are not surprising given the enormous number of Mexicans that reside in the US. But given the amount of time and money invested in this game here, it is somewhat remarkable that those crowds continue to outnumber those for the US national team. The attendance for Mexico in 2022 was astoundingly 164% more than for the USMNT this year. What’s more startling still is that it was a staggering 277% greater than the highest USWNT attendance since 2019.

Mexico is currently the main soccer force in the US, and this is not going to change. This summer is the Gold Cup. As a result, US games are held in stadiums designed specifically for soccer that are only partially occupied. In the meantime, NFL stadiums are entirely packed for Mexico games. The only thing that might change that is possibly if Mexico participates in less cash-grab friendlies in the US, something that even Mexico goalkeeper Memo Ochoa mentioned after El Tri was eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar.

Rox and Ken discuss why the Mexican Mens National team outdraws both United States National teams and if that will change anytime soon.

Mexican National team, USMNT, and USWNT average attendance over the past decade


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