MLS franchise values don’t make top 100 in North American franchise valuations

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Which MLS franchise values are the highest? For some perspective before we start, football is unquestionably America’s national pastime in terms of money. Five of the top ten most valuable sports franchises in the United States are NFL teams and all worth over $5 billion. In fact, all 32 NFL teams made the top 50 in terms of worth, joined by 11 NBA franchises and seven Major League Baseball teams. MLS teams start to appear below all of the NFL, NBA, and MLB teams. No NWSL and WNBA teams made the 151 team list.

According to Sportico data from last year, Los Angeles FC was the richest soccer club in the USA and is valued at $860 million. Atlanta United ($845 million) and the Los Angeles Galaxy ($835 million – 111th) trail LAFC. The Seattle Sounders are worth $705 million (119th), and New York City is worth $655 million (123rd). The Colorado Rapids are the cheapest team on the available list from last year, with a valuation of $370 million (151st).

It’s worth noting that the current MLS TV deal is worth around $60 million per year, or more than $2 million per team. That agreement, which is up for renewal after this season but also has an additional deal with Apple, also included US Soccer, but it appears that any new one will be separate, implying a revenue drop. The 2026 World Cup could provide an additional financial boost in the future.

Rox and Ken discuss which MLS franchise values are the highest, where clubs are on the list, and what they can do to move up the list.

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