MLS: From Underdog to the Land of Valuable Soccer Franchises

In the wild world of soccer, where European giants have long dominated the scene, a surprising shift in fortunes has emerged across the pond. A recent report has unveiled that the world’s 50 most valuable soccer clubs boast a staggering total worth of $73 billion. But hold your breath, folks, because a whopping 18 MLS teams have made it onto that prestigious list, leaving the English Premier League trailing behind with a mere nine representatives. Who would have thought?

According to the data compiled by Sportico, the crown jewel of the soccer realm remains firmly in the hands of Manchester United. The Red Devils reign supreme at the top, with Real Madrid and FC Barcelona hot on their heels, completing the podium of the world’s most valuable clubs. Now, here comes the plot twist—breaking through the European dominance and making their mark is none other than the young upstarts of Major League Soccer.

Where MLS clubs rank

Leading the charge for American soccer on the global stage is Los Angeles FC (LAFC), a club that was founded just eight years ago. Talk about rising through the ranks at lightning speed! The soccer world is buzzing with surprise as the MLS outfit claims its place among the elite. Not far behind, arch-rivals LA Galaxy, owned by the wealthy American tycoon Philip Anschutz, are nipping at LAFC’s heels, ready to challenge their newfound status.

But let’s not forget our friends across the Atlantic. The last team on the illustrious top 50 list to be valued at a whopping $1 billion or more is none other than Inter Milan, representing Serie A. The Nerazzurri, owned by a consortium of private firms, find themselves ranked 15th overall, a single spot ahead of LAFC. Now that’s quite an achievement for the MLS underdogs!

Meanwhile, making their mark among the top 50 most valuable clubs in the world and the United States is Atlanta United, proudly occupying the 18th spot. The Georgian club has firmly established itself as a force to be reckoned with, right alongside the likes of LA Galaxy. But they’re not alone in flying the MLS flag high. The Seattle Sounders (22nd), Toronto FC (24th), and D.C. United (25th) have also earned their rightful place among the soccer elite.

Now, let’s shift our gaze to the vibrant streets of the Big Apple. In the concrete jungle where dreams are made, it’s New York City FC that reigns supreme among the MLS clubs. With a valuation of $690 million and generating a staggering $55 million in revenue last season, the club proudly takes the 27th spot on the esteemed top 50 list. That’s no small feat for the team representing the city that never sleeps.

The ascent of MLS clubs among the world’s most valuable soccer franchises is nothing short of a phenomenon. It’s a testament to the growing popularity and commercial success of soccer in the United States. The MLS has come a long way, shaking off the underdog status to carve out its own place in the global football landscape.

So, let’s raise a toast to the MLS and its daring teams, defying expectations and making waves in the world of soccer. The beautiful game has found a new home, and it’s right here on American soil. Who knows what the future holds? Perhaps one day we’ll witness an MLS team sitting at the very top of that coveted list, ready to take on the giants of European football. Stranger things have happened in the realm of sports.

In the meantime, let’s relish the emergence of these MLS powerhouses and celebrate the ever-growing passion for soccer in the land of opportunity. From underdog to valued franchise, the MLS is here to stay.

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