The Nike Liverpool Lebron James collaboration adds a jersey to the collection

Online leaks have revealed the first images of the Liverpool x LeBron James jersey. Following a pair of co-branded footwear, Nike, the sponsors of both parties, will soon release a Liverpool x LeBron James uniform. LeBron x Liverpool was initially discussed by Liverpool chairman Tom Werner in November 2021, when he said there will be seven or eight items in the collection that would link the basketball star to the most popular sport in the world.

Dropping last fall, Nike opted to emblazon a pair of the LeBron 9 Low shoes with Liverpool’s crest in a colorway that inverts the club badge’s colors. LeBron’s signature can be spotted on the tongue, and his emblem can also be visible on the sole. The Liverpool crest can be seen on the heel and sole, hidden beneath a translucent layer. Red is the secondary color, which is used for the sole and accents on the Swoosh and tongue. There is also white and black trim. Some shoe sites have dubbed the colorway the “Reverse Liverpool.”

The Nike Liverpool Lebron James Jersey

For the upcoming jersey, The You’ll Never Walk Alone (“YNWA”) initials are used in a subtle stripe pattern on the Nike Liverpool LeBron James shirt which is primarily black with red emblems. The Liverpool LeBron James kit, which features the basketball legend’s insignia on the chest, is finished off with red pinstripes that match the color of the logos. It is almost guaranteed that the Nike x Liverpool x LeBron James jersey won’t be worn in any official games because it lacks a standard sponsor badge, but it might be used for a warm-up before a game.

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LeBron purchased a 2% ownership in the team in 2011 and has been seen wearing Liverpool clothing on numerous occasions. He has also occasionally posted about the team on social media. Combining the two makes a lot of sense from a marketing perspective because the LA Lakers player is one of Nike’s biggest names in any sport and Liverpool are one of their biggest clubs.

Rox and Ken discuss if they think the jersey will be dope and what the price point will be.

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