One night stands banned at World Cup 2022

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If they are caught having a one night stand in Qatar, World Cup 2022 fans could face up to seven years in prison. Visitors will need to be aware of the region’s customs and laws as the Middle Eastern country prepares for this year’s football event, as is the case with any host.

One such law states that having sex outside of marriage is illegal. However, while some reports state that the average sentence is one year in prison, the non-profit Human Dignity Trust states that it can be up to seven years.

Similarly, same-sex intercourse is punishable by a prison sentence of the same length under the Penal Code of 2004. A police insider told the Daily Star, “Sex is very much off the menu, unless you’re coming as a husband and wife team.”

This tournament will not feature any one-night stands. There will be absolutely no partying. Everyone must keep their cool if they do not want to end up in prison. “For the first time ever, there is essentially a sex ban in place at this year’s World Cup. Fans must be prepared.”

“The drink and party culture after games, which is the norm in most places, is strictly prohibited” they added. “If you are caught having a one night stand, you will face severe and terrifying consequences. There is a strong possibility that this will be a very bad tournament for fans.”

The 2022 World Cup begins on November 21, with the final on December 18, just before Christmas. Rox and Ken discuss the ban and if they have any yellow or red cards to give.

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