Taylor Swift fans bully soccer player that doesn’t like her music

Taylor Swift supporters (aka Swifties) have launched a social media campaign to give Jude Bellingham the Golden Boy Award from La Liga, according to a post on Barstool Sports. Why? All because Alejandro Baldé said “No, I’m not a fan of her music”. Previously, Bellingham received 30% of the popular vote. That is, until the old Alejandro Balde statement came to light. Bellingham is now reportedly at 89 percent of the vote, up from only 30%.

There are two Golden Boy Awards, I should clarify. Journalists vote on one, while fans vote on the other. Bellingham ought to win both, and because of Taylor Swift, he will easily win the fan vote. You simply can’t declare you don’t like some folks. A one of them is Taylor. If it becomes public, you will be pestered about it for days, if not weeks.

I have no idea how Alejandro Balde came to be questioned about Taylor Swift. Good for him for having the guts to admit he doesn’t like her music, and good luck on dealing with the hate. Congratulations to Jude Bellingham for comfortably winning this contest lol. A valuable lesson for everyone is to avoid Taylor Swift fans and if you have to encounter them, be careful of offending Taylor Swift fans.

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Taylor Swift fans bully soccer player that doesn't like her music