The To Go Plate | Lemon Pepper BBQ grabs a late win over Mambo Sauce

It was a good day for the Footie Mob at the home of Mambo Sauce and the Rose Room Collective in their race for the To Go Plate. Atlanta United dropped a late game winner in the mix again this season, with after doing the same thing to Charlotte a few weeks ago. DC United is on a slide however. After starting the season hot they have lost three games in a row and are yet to pick up a point in the tournament.


Chicago is still leading the race for the To Go Plate at the moment. The next game of the tournament is in late April when Atlanta travels to Miami. That game will go a long way to establishing how the table with look early on in the season. A win or a tie takes Atlanta to the top of the table and a win for Miami does the same thing.

The table consists of the following components: Position, Team, Games Played, Points, Wins, Losses, and Ties. Here is the table so far:



Teams play each other at different times throughout the season. The first game of the tournament was on the opening day of the season and the last game of the tournament is at the end of September. The schedule for each team is below:

Atlanta United

4/2DC (away)Win0-1
4/24Miami (away)
5/7Chicago (home)
6/19Miami (home)
7/30Chicago (away)
8/28DC (home)

Chicago Fire

2/26Miami (away)Tie0-0
3/12DC (away)Win0-2
5/7Atlanta (away)
6/18DC (home)
7/30Atlanta (home)
9/10Miami (home)

DC United

3/12Chicago (home)Loss0-2
4/2Atlanta (home)Loss0-1
5/14Miami (away)
6/18Chicago (away)
8/28Atlanta (away)
9/18Miami (home)

Inter Miami

2/26Chicago (home)Tie0-0
4/24Atlanta (home)
5/14DC (home)
6/19Atlanta (away)
9/10Chicago (away)
9/18DC (away)


The to go plate is a staple in black culture. Being invited to the cookout is the more prestigious honor, but the highest honor is being given food to take with you on your travels. No one knows who was given the first to go plate or the circumstances, but throughout time black people have carried food with them as a way to feed themselves because being able to purchase food was not always an option when on the road. In recognition of the place to go plates have in our culture, Chop Soccer will be awarding the to go plate to the winner of the Black Soccer Supporters Groups round robin tournament.


The tournament will be held in a classic round robin format. Each team plays each other twice (both home and away). The team with the most points at the end of the season will given the trophy for the year. In the event of an tie, the head to head record of the two tied teams will decide the winner. The second tie breaker will be which team has the best goal difference.

Participating Teams

For the 2022-2023 MLS season, the four teams that will be participating on behalf of their black soccer supporters groups are Atlanta United (Footie Mob), the Chicago Fire (Black Fires), DC United (Rose Room Collective) and Inter Miami (Black Herons United).

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