Is Weston McKennie a COVID Cassanova?

I dont think Weston McKennie is a bad person. There are some rumors floating around that he is a casanova but no real facts and everyone from his teammates to club and country officials say he is a bright kid with a good head on his shoulders. The only people that will probably ever know what truly happed last weekend are the officials inside US Soccer, the players on the squad, Weston himself, and whoever that doesn’t fit into the groups above that was with him when be broke COVID-19 protocols.

It actually doesn’t matter what he specifically did. This article isn’t about that. If you want to hear us be messy about this situation we’ll probably make some jokes about it on this weeks pod. What does matter is that this is the second time that he has defied COVID protocols, once for his club and now for this country, and he is getting reputation that is really hard to recover from in the professional soccer world, whether it fits him or not.

Ask the countless number of professionals that have been labelled soccer party boys what its done to their careers. For every Diego Maradonna or Ronaldinho, there’s 5 Nicklas Bendtner’s or Ricardo Quaresma’s : players with enough talent to make it but not enough to overcome their antics. Normally what Weston McKennie has been up to and gotten in trouble for wouldn’t rate at all, but because of the rona times are different now and he needs to realize that. She’ll be there later fam, these people aren’t playing around with COVID-19 protocols.

Weston McKennie violates COVID protocol at Juventus

Back in April, Weston McKennie faced an internal suspension from his club Juventus for throwing a party and violating Italian law by breaking COVID protocol. To be clear, throwing parties with your friends isn’t illegal. To be clear, professional soccer players hang out with their teammates during the week and have people over. However, in the age of the rona, parties like the one he threw weren’t allowed by the Italian authorities and he chose to break the rules.

It might not register to us joe schmoes who only have to make a couple embarrassing phone calls to people if we have possibly exposed them to the rona, but in the world of professional sports there is a lot of money on the line for a team if they have to send players in the quarantine protocol, reschedule games, shut facilities down, blah blah blah. It comes down to whether a team can trust your professionalism and not see you as liability. COVID costs clubs and countries money, and one thing these clubs and counties dont want to play with is their money.

Weston McKennie violates COVID protocol with the USMNT

Almost all COVID protocols set up by professional teams are based on two things: public appearances and people in the team bubble. In order for teams to keep rona exposure to a minimum teams often set guidelines on where players can go in the region where they are located (home/away games). In this case, its pretty reasonable to assume that given Nashville’s lack of regulations around COVID-19 that there were pretty strict restrictions on where players could go.

The same logic applies to people entering the team bubble. Weston McKennie knew that both leaving the bubble in an unauthorized fashion and sneaking someone into the team facilities would be prohibited pre-rona, but doing it during the height of a panorama is a definite no-no.

Sometime between when the United States Men’s National Team landed in Nashville and Sundays game against Canada, Weston McKennie violated the COVID-19 protocols of the team and was subsequently suspended for the game Sunday night, before being told to leave camp and was ultimately told to return to Italy and Juventus on Monday. The basics of what he did have been confirmed. He left the bubble one night and didn’t come back and then the next night he brought someone into the bubble, assuming that its the same person that he went to see or initially met when he was out of the bubble the night before.

Whats next for Weston McKennie?

Its way too early to tell what long term effect this will have on Weston McKennie and his career, although this should blow over if he chills. Short term though it isnt looking too good for the Juventus man. Papers in Europe are already disparaging him and are claiming that Juventus are ready to cash in on him. I doubt that given the midfield situation at Juventus right now but he was already on shaky ground with Juventus after what happened in April and this isn’t going to help.

Furthermore, in normal times these things would be poo-pooed but its not normal times so these things should be taken way more seriously. Weston, I promise you that she’ll be there or someone else will. Just take these COVID-19 protocols seriously and chill out a little.

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